Evoking the Sonoma Look and Feel

After many years of developing brands and packaging for wineries all over California, you develop a sense of each appellation’s personal style. 

The Sonoma County appellation is an interesting example. As a brand, the county tends to present itself as a humble, earnest, and approachable world-class winemaking region. This attracts a certain type of consumer — one that doesn’t want to be over sold and prefers a more down to earth experience.

Auston Design Group - Sonoma Look and Feel

It’s not just about the presentation of their products, it’s about how they carry themselves. Often times Sonoma County producers will come to us dressed in blue jeans and work boots with pruning shears holstered to their belts. It’s that spirit that guides us in telling their brand story through the design of their packaging. The end results are all different, yet the well-executed no-fuss approach helps define their hard-working roots.

Auston Design Group - Cline California Tier

So, what is it that truly makes a Sonoma wine look like a Sonoma wine? What’s emblematic of this unique region, and how does one communicate that through packaging? It is often, a design that is engaging, looks good, looks serious, but doesn’t look precious. It should never look like it’s trying too hard, or like a lot of money was spent on coming up with the label design.

Auston Design Group - Lake Sonoma Still Life

The work we’ve done for brands like Gehricke, Valley of the Moon, Pedroncelli, Lake Sonoma, and Cline exemplify the Sonoma look and feel. Humble, earnest and casual, yet serious about making excellent wine.

Auston Design Group - Pederoncelli Still Life