Dia De Los Muertos Horchata Spiced Rum Release

Last Year, on November 1st, Auston Design Group announced it's very own, Dia De Los Muertos Horchata Spiced Rum. A year later, we are happy to announce that we have successfully filled a single batch of 100 bottles to celebrate this years Dia De Los Muertos holiday.

Our recipe is based on the flavors of Horchata, a traditional non-alcoholic rice milk drink of Mexico. Infused with Cinnamon and Vanilla as the dominant spices, it is crafted to be mixed with a sweetened milk of any kind and served on the rocks. It can be enjoyed equally well in any spiced rum cocktail.

Dia De Los Muertos' limited edition inaugural release will only be used to celebrate Auston Design Group's 20th Anniversary that coincides this year.

Here are few photos from the bottling session:

Auston Design Group - Dia_de_los_muertos_1.jpg
Auston Design Group - Dia_de_los_muertos_2.jpg
Auston Design Group - Dia_de_los_muertos_3.jpg
Auston Design Group - Dia_de_los_muertos_4.jpg
Auston Design Group - Dia_de_los_muertos_5.jpg
Auston Design Group - Dia_de_los_muertos_6.jpg
Auston Design Group - Dia_de_los_muertos_7.jpg

Illustration and Conceptual Art by Alex Matus

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