Subterra: Wines From the Underground

Wines so obscure and esoteric that you just can't purchase them unless you know somebody that nobody knows. All kidding aside, It's a real wine made by two up and coming local winemakers who were born and raised amidst the vines and wineries of Sonoma. Their wine is an expression of what it means to be an artisan brand. Made from a single vineyard in extremely small quantities, it is a real handcrafted, small-lot wine.

Our restrained approach to the packaging was to present the brand as standout and clever. A label that can be different, because the product really is that good. Targeted to folks who really know wine. The main graphic represents just how "subterra" these guys really are: "Wines from the Underground." The gloss black on gray brandmark is there just in case you didn't already know the brand. Insider tip: try to get your hands on this before it's gone.

The label was expertly printed at the new CCL Label plant in Sonoma, California. Each bottle was hand-dipped in wax and then stamped on top with a hot die.

Photography by Matt Mimiaga