Auston design group is a boutique branding and package design studio with a history of creating brands that sell. The studio has been focused on brand development and package design in the wine, beer and spirits industry for more than twenty-five years.

Whatever the assignment, it is the studio’s belief that the process of design must begin in the real world with research and analysis of the brand, competitive set, market trends, consumer needs and production requirements. The facts.

As founder and creative director, Tony Auston has built the company’s reputation around the idea that successful design happens only when fact is the foundation for creativity. From the facts flow informed, visionary design solutions to real-world marketing challenges. The results of this approach are evidenced in the pages of this website, on store shelves, back bars, and in the cellars of consumers world-wide.

Tony Auston was introduced to the wine and spirits industry when he relocated from San Francisco to Napa Valley to take on the role as Senior Design Director at a well known wine branding agency. After six years honing his craft, he founded Auston Design Group, and has been a creative force in the industry ever since.

Tony’s experience in branding adult beverages and luxury goods spans more than thirty years and encompasses a wide range of successful, top selling, and award-winning package designs for national and international brands.

Tony continues to be involved in every aspect of the creative process at Auston Design Group, from initial consultation and strategic development, through final design, production and printing/manufacturing.