Services and Account Experience

Brand Strategy

Prior to beginning the creative aspects of a project, we must determine the essence of the brand, its voice. We research, as appropriate, to determine specific strategic and creative goals. By interviewing the people behind the brand and learning the brand’s history, we are able to determine its unique attributes. This, along with a study of the category, target consumer trends, and the competition, helps us define what a brand needs to say and be in general, as-well-as to specific target audiences.

Brand Development

Our process ensures that all elements in a brand present a strategically consistent look and feel. Evolving a brand in relevant ways, whether subtle or dramatic, we make sure that it is authentic and believable. We help clients project a consistent and seamless brand by creating focused, content-rich visual identities that tell a story, and that make a brand instantly appealing and memorable.

Package Design

We specialize in crafting unique and engaging packaging systems that stand out amidst the competition with their own distinct voice and attention grabbing visual appeal, and above all, packaging that sells.

Name Generation

Our approach to research and strategic development is the basis for the creation of a brand voice, and at the heart of that voice is a strong brand name that is both meaningful and memorable.

Collateral Development

Auston Design Group designs and writes brochures, sales materials, POS, in-store displays, press kits, corporate gifts, and other unique creations that all convey a consistent brand voice.

Website Design

We leverage the online world as one of branding’s most powerful tools. We strategize then create graphic design for the web and oversee its production and optimization until it is functioning perfectly.

Structural Design

Creating bespoke bottles and boxes as a part of our design solutions is a powerful aspect of our approach to the development of a memorable, and truly unique brand experience.

Product Development and Sourcing

No matter the libation, as an extension of a strategic brand development program, we are able to assist our clients with product sourcing, and flavor profile development that is consistent with the brand strategy, target consumer, and price point.

Print Production

We select the most appropriate suppliers and oversee the production of our designs to the finest detail. We always seek ways to accentuate and distinguish our work through selection of unique materials and methods while maintaining tight control of budgets, timing and quality.

Account Experience

The choice of a design firm is much like the choice of a partner. Auston Design Group is a partner that thinks like you do, on a strategic level. Since opening our doors in 1994, we have had the good fortune to partner with a number of amazing companies, both big and small. Below are just a few.