“the combination of ideas to form a theory or system”

Martin Ray Winery’s Synthesis label offered Auston Design Group the unique challenge of visually representing an abstract concept. The wine itself utilizes Cabernet Sauvignon from lots in various Napa Valley sub-appellations to create a wine that is greater than the sum of it’s parts — thus, Synthesis.

Visually, ADG represented the various Napa Valley lots through the series of small gradient and patterned circles. Individually, the circles’ intricate patterns are a visual metaphor to the textures and feelings one might get from drinking the wine. But together, the circles make up an abstract and modern twist on a complete cluster of grapes.

The brandmark also expresses the idea of Synthesis. Through different typeface styles from the same type family, the brandmark brings together seemingly discordant parts to create something harmonious. Other details include a new Martin Ray Winery seal with both a deboss and a sculptured emboss.

A special thank you to CCL Label for providing the expertise to execute all of the many details.